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At Horowitz - Supremo Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies, we know that finding the home health care supplies you need can be frustrating. We can relieve your frustration because we carry a variety of products to suit all of your needs. For your convenience, we also offer free delivery.

In addition to our broad range of products, we provide several personalized services such as private consultations, and diabetes education. Our pharmacists are available for your prescription needs as well.

Why go all over town for your home health care supplies? At Horowitz - Supremo Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies, we have everything you need at one location.

• Sales & Rentals
• Personalized Service
• Certified Male & Female Fitters
• Private Consultations
• Medicare, Medicaid & Other Insurance Plans Accepted
• Free Delivery
• 24-hour Answering Service
Problem? Question? Call Us! We will provide a knowledgeable and informative reply!

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